A big part of life is the mountains that come our way. Some we climb and conquer, some are inconceivable to us, some we consider to be hurdles on our path and some we carry on our backs. The nature of obstacles in our lives is really interesting. If the path is easy we tend to get bored and start wandering, if it looks insurmountable we give up even before we start. An obstacle really has to be the right size for us to realise our full potential.

mountain oracle card, mountain spiritual meaning

Obstacles are good, hurdles are great – they make us think of new ways to make things work, they push us to do more, to be more, they expand us, they make us grow and learn and become more.

What the right size of the mountain is, totally depends on the person. The message from the card is to gauge for yourself how you feel about the mountain in front of you. If it is too easy, that means there is not enough stretch for you and it won’t take you very far. If it looks impossible to climb then maybe it’s not worth hankering after. If it feels like it’s going to be tough but not impossible, then just go for it. You will grow as you start walking up the mountain and it will get easier and you will have have more bandwidth as you walk on.

The only thing to keep in mind is to let go of the mountains that you are carrying on your back. These are the obstacles from the past. You may or may not have overcome them, but you need not carry that energy with you any longer. You are a different person than you were yesterday and you will be able to manage the hurdles much better than your earlier self.

Go climb some mountains today but keep your backpack light ❤

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