Following the message from the Finch is the message to let out the wild sensual creature that resides within. Sensuality is not so much about sex and sexuality (though it could be) but more about being in touch with what gives you pleasure. It is about being engaged with your senses – especially the sense of touch, the sense of smell and taste.

sensuality oracle card

Our sacral chakra is about happiness and joy, about creativity and about sensuality and this week the message seems to be to pay attention to this part of you. The sacral chakra is located below the navel and above the tailbone, that entire area, back and front, is the sacral. You could try to just place your hands there for a few minutes and see how that feels for you. Linger there and just feel it, be with it, for some time.

We have our own mechanisms for keeping this part of going (chocolate really does work in releasing our pleasure senses) and some of the ways to do this today could be to engage your senses. Maybe pay special attention to the perfume you wear, really breathe in the scent of it or feel the touch of your clothes on your skin – it doesn’t have to be silk, soft cotton on the skin can be really sensuous. Just engage all your senses today for a minute or two, whenever you have the time. Savour that morning cup of tea or coffee, take in the aroma and feel the flavour in your mouth and the glide down your throat.

Have a lovely day ❤


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