Message from the Finch.

What a lovely message to start the week with. The Finch symbolises joy and optimism, this tiny vibrant bird adds so much life into the garden, flitting from here to there and expressing itself joyfully and vocally.

This should be an upbeat week, with you flitting from here to there, with ample opportunity to sing your song. The message is to be vocal about what makes you happy – well, first to be aware of what it is that uplifts your spirit and then going after it.

You may find yourself more social this week and it’s a good time to be more outgoing than usual. Life is about ups and downs and just like we give the downs there due importance, we must bounce back really quick when the ups come our way. Seize the day, seize the moment of happiness when it comes your way and sometimes make time for yourself to be happy doing the things that give you that spark of joy.

Surround yourself with colour and simple joys today and all this week and keep an eye out for some colourful birds.

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