Internal politics.

We often do things we end up regretting later. Tiny, inconsequential things that people say or do can pinch and prick us and we end up saying or doing things in retaliation. At the end of it (depending on the person’s reaction) we either feel justified in the action or drown in guilt.

lucy cavendish, tarot oracle, 7 of swords.

This card is a reminder that people are not out to get us or hurt us. Some things are said with thoughtlessness and some simply may not be meant for us at all. Our stories and the things that pinprick us are not so apparent to others. When something like this happens our minds create more stories and sometimes make mountains out of molehills.

Today if you feel that little prickling, either dismiss it as inconsequential and if you can’t get it out of your head then explain to the other why it troubled you. Either ways just get it out of your head.

We often create barriers where there are none and these are the internal politics the mind plays with us. We long to belong but we also keep ourselves away by allowing our ego to be wounded. The hurt of the ego is a very slight matter and only you can distinguish between a hurt ego and a hurt self. Just keep that thought alive today and if you feel hurt by something – ask yourself ‘is it me or my ego that is hurt?

Take it easy today ❤


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