Message from the Crow.

There are a lot of misconceptions about crows and as they’re not exactly pretty to look at we try to keep our attention from them. It is true that crows are associated with mysticism and it is true that they are rather mystical beings but it is not in the negative sense.

Crows are said to be messengers from the spiritual realm to the physical. They do sometimes come with a warning for us – which is another reason they are looked at negatively. But they come to tell us to be careful and to protect us the best they can. So, if a crow calls your attention then know that the divine is watching over you today.

lucy cavendish, blessed be, message from crow,

This of course means that you need some safeguarding. Just be careful today. Drive slow and don’t run any lights. The divine is watching over you but you can help along by being aware and conscious today. If you are stepping out of the house and you hear a crow caw, then wait for 5 minutes and then leave.

Crows are also messengers from the other side – think of it as a hello from heaven. If you have someone on the other side that you think of often, this is a hello from them. You can pass a message back through the crow as well.

Have a blessed day ❤

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