July 2019

July promises to be a month of introspection, of going within and finding the answers you seek or have sought for a while. It is a month of looking at things with a new perspective and a childlike wonder of having not seen them before like this. It is a month which will make us want to take stock of our lives and questions like, ‘Is this where I want to go? Is this who I want to be? What direction should I be headed in?’ will be at the forefront. The answer may very well be a Yes but it needs to come from a conscious place, a place where it feels right rather than something that is expected from you. You may be surprised at conversations about life that will crop up unexpectedly this month. Participate in them fully and it may broaden your perspective.  

July 2019 tarot reading

We are told that we come to this world alone and will depart from here alone. In-between these two alone moments is life where we connect and belong, to so many different people, groups, cities, countries. There are times on this journey where we travel alone but more often than not we have fellow travellers. A friend, a sister, a co-worker will often walk with you part of the way. Not all will stay because their way and yours only intersected for a short while. Some will, one way or another, find their way back to you again and again and some will be with you most of the way. All these fellow wayfarers are important and they come when the time is right and they leave when their purpose is served. You may question this but remember that not all questions have answers. Some questions can be answered when you go within. When you find the pattern of people entering into your world and leaving – you will realise that they entered when you needed them – no other reason – and that is the way of the divine. Their leaving may hurt and again you may have the why in your mind and again there is no answer but that their time was done and there is something else that is awaiting you around the corner. Whether it was a good companion or not, when you go within you will discover the many gifts the person brought with them. The cards invite you to look at relationships this month – both past and current. To look at them with fresh eyes, with the eyes of innocence and keep aside your thoughts and keep with you, your feelings and see what comes up for you. While doing this it may be a good idea to thank all those who have journeyed with you so far.

The first week of July will keep your attention on the home front. You may receive a visit from your mom or a friend/person who tends to mother you. You may receive the gift of abundance from the universe, not just in material terms but with a lovely flow of people or some good news. It is a good time energetically, so the seeds that you plant now have a high probability of sprouting. If there is a home project that you’ve been thinking about, early July is a good time to kick it off. At work, if you have an idea then this is the right time to pitch it to your boss. When the Queen of Pentacles appears, she tends to make the path easier for you. She clears obstacles from your way and makes sure you are nurtured and healthy. It’s best to relax and go with the flow rather than try to assert your independence as that will only stop the flow of the good stuff. 

The second week of July may find you listless and suffering from the I don’t feel like it syndrome. It is okay to feel like that at times and it’s okay to withdraw into yourself. It may be a good time to do the introspection the cards want you to do this month. You may want to engage in deeper conversations with people around you. If there are opportunities that come your way and you feel that you may not have the bandwidth to see them through or they simply don’t excite you enough, then do say no to them. A little bit of downtime will help you find the energy and zest to be back in business soon. 

In the third week of July, if you are annoyed with a friend or co-worker and there is potential for harsh words, just keep in mind that some battles you lose, even when you win. You may be right but is it really worth losing a friendship? Dig deeper into the situation before any flare up happens. Decide if you want to be right and feel justified in your actions or to let go the ego and be part of your tribe. You may win this round but end up isolating yourself in the future. This isn’t about who is right or wrong – just that kindness and soft words will serve you better here. 

By the end of the month, you will notice that certain changes have occurred within you. You are now looking at situations and people in a totally different way. Life will feel brighter and lighter as you step into the sun. You will be rewarded for all the self-work you have done this month. The self-work will happen with or without your active participation, so you may as well aid yourself. This week will be quietly joyous and deeply enriching for you. 

There may be some juggling required in love and relationships. It could be a balance between work and love or it could be a push and pull with different loved ones. We are often torn between two things like family or spouse, work or family because there are hidden loyalties at play here. If you find yourself unable to juggle between the demand of two different sets of people, then the only thing to do is to be loyal to what you want. It is not possible to please all people at all times so just go with what your heart wants. 

All may not be great at the work front and you may experience some sort of ending or betrayal at work or related to money. As the energy of the month is about introspection maybe you could reflect upon what happened and why, and what you can learn from the experience and as always look for the hidden gifts this experience gave you. 

Health-wise, this month will be a breeze so, keep the health-related worries away and if you do get the sniffles, just rest it out and it will turn out alright. 

In summary, July is a month for introspection and changing perspectives. There is magic in the universe which can be seen through the eyes of the child and the universe wants to share with us that magic – we just need to adjust our eyes to see it. 

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