You may find some shifts occurring within you today and it may be reflected in the outer world as well. It may be how you react to a situation or person or it could be that someone does something unexpected (in a good way). The outer of course is just because the inner has gone through a shift.

Earth changes wisdom oracle Tony carmine selarno, grounding exercise

Observe if you can, what has shifted, what has changed, so that you can operate from the shifted you. The mind does take a little time to catch up on these energy shifts but if you observe then the mental shift can happen faster.

With these energy shifts, you may feel the need to ground yourself today. Try and spend some time with nature and if possible, walk on grass. Else try to touch a tree or some plants. There is this lively exercise, where you close your eyes and ask nature and the elements for grounding or an energy boost. You can ask plants or trees or the earth or even the wind or rain to help you out. Just close your eyes and breathe a bit, then connect to the element(s) you want help from and just ask. When you feel you have received enough, thank and disconnect.

Observe the shift today ❤️

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