Go forth.

It’s a day for action and adventure. To boldly go forth and stake your claim. If something has been pending for some time today is the day it will finally happen. The road will be open and obstacle-less for you. Overall there is more chance of a yes than a no, so ask that question today because the universe will reward the bold.

Yang wisdom of the Oracle colette baron reid, action, daily tarot

There are times in life when you flow with the current and then there are times when you kick your legs and swim with the tide. Today is the day to take a big step in the direction of your desires. It could be work, where you can go and ask for that big project or even take ownership of what you have. It could be a new work opportunity that comes your way. It could be a call that you have been hesitating to make so far and today you will have the right opportunity.

It could be love, so, if you’ve been wanting to ask someone out, today is a good day to do it. It’s okay to make the first move, the universe encourages you in fact.

This is the making it happen day and you will find yourself infused with a little shot of energy sent especially for you, from the universe. You will find more green lights than red today, that’s a special hello from the universe to you.

Go forth and conquer all today ❤️.

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