The star.

Overall today will be a good day for you. Some things will fall into alignment naturally for you. It may be an alignment of thoughts or emotions, it could be a steadying of a vaguely wobbly feeling you’ve had, it could be spiritual alignment or a life path one.

the star tarot card interpretation

The Star card stands for hope and faith and when these two emotions come into play there is trust in the universe which allows us to align to its pulse.

It may be a day when you are in touch with your feelings but they don’t make you feel off kilter, in fact, you find yourself quite grounded, more so than before. If you can, observe this, it will help you be more in touch with your inner world without losing touch with the outer. You’ll find that you really like and enjoy this version of you.

It is also a good day to shine so don’t shy away from anything today.

Have a bright and happy day ❤

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