The disseminating moon.

The disseminating moon is the moon phase after the full moon. The few days after are the time for the disseminating moon. I am wondering about getting this message today, on the day of the full moon, but the Monday message is more or less for the week so take it like that.

The disseminating moon is a period of realisation, a time to take stock of where you are, what you have a achieved and what you have learnt and understood from it. This may be a realisation about a decision you took sometime back. This is the time that you figure out if it worked for you or didn’t. The important thing here is not whether things worked or not but the knowledge you gained from the experience. Because now with this understanding you can choose your next steps and also help others in similar predicaments.

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This moon phase is also considered the teacher / guru phase of the moon. Btw, you can find out a little bit more about yourself if you search for the moon phase on the day you were born – quite interesting it is! Here’s a link to see yours. The Guru phase is when you give out or disseminate more than you take in. You may find yourself guiding or mentoring someone or may find yourself in a platform where you are spreading the word. It could be that someone comes to you for advice and you are in a unique position to help. Keep in mind that the teacher teaches but also learns from the students.

You may find yourself bucking tradition this week and wanting to take the road less traveled. Do so, the energy of this moon is fully supporting you carve your own path.

There are quite a few messages within this card. It is time to take stock of where you are and how you got here and to focus on what you learnt and how much you have grown. It is a time for deep realisations, especially about the self. There is a need to disseminate some knowledge or information you have. And feel free to be free and easy with the musts and shoulds this week.

Have an awesome week ❤

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