Roses and Thorns.

There is so much meaning in a rose. Love, romance, delicate petals, depth in the whorls of the petals. There is hope associated with the rose, and compassion and gentleness. The card promises all this for you. Radiate love and compassion, go all in for passion and romance, encourage people to hope and be kind but with all this don’t forget that the rose also has thorns to defend itself.

alana fairchild love your inner goddess madonna of roses

If someone is harsh with you or unkind, let your thorns show and maybe even jab a few people who deserve it. The thorns are there to protect you, don’t be afraid or ashamed of using them. It does seem like a strange spiritual message but this is life. Sometimes you let your rose side out and sometimes you show the world your thorns. Both co-exist within you and it’s not one or the other, it’s both, maybe even at the same time.

Embrace your thorny side ❤

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