Another day to focus on healing. Today may bring up situations that induce a reaction from you. A reaction that you may later feel was uncalled for. These are signs and messages from your body that something is not right and needs to be seen.

the universe has your back, gabby gabrielle bernstein, trauma triggers.

A trigger reaction can be anger or tears, a sudden feeling of disassociation or disconnection, it can be a sudden pain or discomfort in the body, or simply a feeling that you may have overreacted. If you keep a watch out for it, you will know when it happens. Identifying the trigger is only the first part, the second is being okay to see what lies beneath the tigger. We go through many traumatic events, so many that we don’t even consider them to be traumatic or some that we consider healed. As long as they trigger a reaction from us, there is something there that needs our attention.

There are times when we need ‘healing’ and then there are times when we just need to see things and just the awareness of it starts the healing process. Healing is not about fixing anything – there is very little that can and should be fixed. There is very little that we can do to change past events but we can come to a place where they don’t trigger that reaction from us. Sometimes the reaction is even laughter, when we find a way to make fun of an unpleasant incident. At times it’s a blankness that settles over us and we don’t feel anything. All these are signs that these were painful events or interactions and we have stuffed them inside because they make us feel too much.

Today’s message is that it’s okay to look at those feelings. You may have been overwhelmed then but you will be able to handle it now. Find yourself a safe place and open this old package, it does not have the same capacity to hurt you. Wishing or willing it away will not make it disappear but looking at it will reduce the intensity with which it triggers you.

Be gentle with yourself today ❤

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