We all have these trigger points when we have a wave of anger or hurt or rejection that comes upon us. Most of us feel the anger, which is the first emotion to hit us but we rarely go beneath that. Some of us simply shut down, which again disconnects from any underlying emotion.

The universe has your back, card message,

The triggers are important and even as we find it more comfortable to ignore the trigger and the uncomfortable feeling it evokes, it is a glaring sign, a warning sign that this needs to be exploded.

Watch out for the triggers today and see what you are reacting not-so-well to. And try and dig a little deeper to find what the underlying emotion is. Is there a feeling of rejection beneath the anger? Is there a feeling of abandonment when someone leaves town even for a short time? Is there a feeling of entrapment? Of unbelonging or betrayal?

If interested in some reading material try 5 wounds by Lise Bourbeau which may help identify what these feeling are. Just one caution, these books are meant to make you feel better so do go with that attitude of self discovery not with what-is-wrong-with-me and how do I fix myself.

Much love.

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