Change of Season.

Just like the change in season, our lives go through periods of bloom and shedding, of hibernating and basking in the sun. Today is shedding season. When autumn comes and the trees shed old leaves, there are moments of sadness coupled with moments of hope because you know that it is time for renewal and for something to renew, something old needs to be shed. And even as the trees shed, there is a beauty in the shedding, beauty in the leaves that carpet the ground.

What needs renewing in your life? Is it an old habit that you’ve never thought of giving up because it never occured to you? Is it a thought pattern that is so familiar that you don’t even realise that you have the ending in your mind even as you’re just beginning?

Is it a belief that has always proven right so there has never been a reason to change it? Is it being in the same place and not having the will to move? Is it a person who brings up feelings of inadequacies with every interaction but you continue to be in that relationship?

Hand on heart, ask yourself what needs to be shed today? What is causing you disruption that needs to be seen? What is holding you back or rooting you in place and preventing movement? Where has your growth stilled? Who keeps pulling you back to the past? What is that old leaf that remains stuck on the tree, refusing to fall, not allowing the natural turn of season?

If you are in a position to change the situation, change it. If it seems that there is no alternative, then seek help. The way to change an external situation is to change your internal environment.

There is a sadness in the energy of the card yet there is great beauty. It’s better to have a moment of genuine sadness at letting go rather than coming to a point where you let go with anger or hurt. Life isn’t about a constant bloom but about ebb and flow and knowing that every shed will be followed by bloom.

Have a gentle day ❤

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