Like a bird.

The last message of the week and it follows the theme for the week of having confidence in your self and your abilities. Like a bird who can fly anywhere, you have the gift of limitless possibilities. The bird knows when it should put in effort and flap its wings and when it should allow the air currents to aid her flight. There are times when you should let the universal tide take you forward and then there are other times when you need to make the effort. This is the time for the latter.

motivation, bird card, message from the bird

There is this beautiful, broad horizon that awaits you. You are only limited by your own thinking, by having a judgement on what is possible and what is not. Drop the judgement and take flight. It needs a little focus and attention from you so don’t get distracted by the mundane. Take time to think about the direction you want to take. Make some calls, talk to some people and see what possibilities present themselves to you. Surround yourself with people who are inspiring, who are creative and who are motivated and find that inner spark within yourself.

Know that the universe may not always give you what you want but will always give you what you need.

It’s time for you to soar ‚̧

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