Another message today of seeing your own value. Often we look at small snippets of others and our mind formulates the whole picture. A small relationship snippet or a work-related snippet can make us believe that things are ideal for the other. It doesn’t mean that the other is trying to deceive us in any way but we often just don’t know the full picture or the layers that are beyond the obvious. We don’t see the sweat and toil that does behind the scenes. We don’t see the compromises and sacrifices that happen. Or even the reason for making those choices. Just like the corset that bites and doesn’t let you breathe but gives you the perfect silhouette for the evening gown (because that’s what I see in the picture of this beautifully gowned girl).

Illusion, truth vs illusion, embrace the truth

Truth is that everyone is a work in progress, everyone is constantly going through a process of self-discovery but we don’t necessarily need to show that to the world. If you catch yourself comparing or thinking that you are any less, take a moment to look beyond the obvious and you will realise that the outside is just an illusion and that you are no different from the other. Don’t let this comparison make you hesitate or keep your fire subdued. You are as special as anyone else. You are as good as anyone else. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

Our illusion is not that we are better than anyone, just the opposite in fact. Our illusion is thinking we are not good enough. Our biggest fear is coming into our full potency. Our strongest resistance is our own personal power. We are so scared of stepping into the spotlight that we keep sabotaging our own efforts.

This is the time to step out of the shadows and not be blinded by these illusions. Take a deep breath and step on into the sun.

This week really is about seeing yourself clearly and claiming all that is you. A valuable, wonderful, worthy, beautiful you. Maybe some self-talk in the mirror will help things along. Do whatever it takes for you to stand tall and step forward with confidence. Your time is now. <3.

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