Zadkiel is known as the Angel of freedom and mercy. He encourages us to own our transgressions and to let them be washed away with forgiveness. Often we look at the other for forgiveness whereas the keys to forgiveness are actually held by us. How many times has the other told us that it’s okay! but we still carry the guilt with us?

Sometimes we are scared to admit our transgression because we think we may lose our friends or loved ones. Nine times out of ten when you actually go and confess to the other person, you will find that it doesn’t and didn’t matter to them in the first place. But the burden of carrying around that guilt is huge. I know the chaotic thoughts of what could I have done, not done, done differently? Maybe things would have been different then?

The reality is that things are the way they are and once they have happened it is best to accept that this is the way it was meant to be. There is no way of knowing that anything you did differently would make the results any different. You remember The Edge of Tomorrow? Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, where they keep dying and changing things only to die a different way again (I know they prevail in the end but that’s not what I want to focus on :)). It was exhausting to see it and I can’t imagine having to actually live it over and over again. But that’s what we do when we live with guilt – it’s guilt, blame and shame actually and we do this circular thing to ourselves which combines all three – and the circular thing of trying to change something that cannot be changed. Sounds awful, doesn’t it, when it’s laid out like this. Yet this is what we do.

Find a way to extricate yourself from this circle. Call upon Zadkiel to free you from this trap. Quan Yin can help you, so can a Rose Quartz. Ho’oponopono can help. There are many forgiveness rituals you can find on the net. The message from the card today is that there is something that is hindering you and maybe even hurting you. Don’t sweep it aside, you have the strength to confront it and you have the will to forgive yourself. Do it now and not later.

What I love about this card deck is the art, how angels are depicted in this way. It makes me think of beauty and what we consider to be beautiful. These are beautiful – just not in ways that we expect and maybe all angels look fierce but are agents of love and mercy. Same goes for people too.

You will know if Zadkiel is around you today if you unexpectedly remember something important.


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