Looks like the reins are firmly in your hands this week. You get to decide which way you are headed and the universe trusts your judgement completely.

It is wise to be accepting of life and all that comes with it. It is healthy to not judge people and situations. We can however be discerning in the choices we make. We don’t need to judge but we can figure out which people and which situations aren’t really best for us. We don’t have to repeat the same patterns that don’t serve us, we can choose to remove ourselves from those situations.

Our everyday choices are what create our life. Where we choose to be, with whom, where do we spend our free time and with whom, doing what? All these are our choices and if things aren’t where we want them to be then all we need to do is make a different choice.

Again, there is no judgement here, and the universe holds you with whatever you choose. The universe just asks that you take a look at these every day choices you make and maybe be a little more discerning about where you spend your time and energy. Ask yourself if it is in alignment with You, if it is aligned to your purpose and the life that you want to live.

Don’t bend to pressure and expectations, don’t compromise, look beyond the obvious and trust your heart. You are worthy of your deepest intentions – don’t allow those to wither in your attempt to conform.

I read this wonderful article about invoking Durga during challenging times. I have to say that I have called her in the past and she has never failed me. Maybe you would like to invoke her? You can just call her or sing to her or light a candle to invoke her. Ask for a sign from her, if you need one.

This week is kinda about taking charge of your destiny and the direction your life is headed and I’m kinda excited about it. How about you?

Muchos love.


  1. I love all your posts – they are so apt for me… i always want to comment but get busy or forget or it doesn’t open…. big hug and thank you


    1. Thank you. It is so lovely to hear back from everybody – feels more connected to me. Reply if you can but don’t stress about not 😊


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