A blessing for your home.

This card comes with some beautiful blessings for the home. You can choose to light a candle and stand in the centre of your home and read aloud these blessings to your home or just be wherever you are and visualise your home and send these blessings there.

Our home is our sanctuary and the seat of our creative power, how we feel in our home determines how we receive life. It is a good time to take a pause and see how you feel at home. It need not be any big changes but if the back door doesn’t latch properly, just fix it. I’m getting a sense that my house needs an energy cleanse so that’s what I’m planning to do today.

Blessing on a home lucy cavendish, Home blessing prayer

There is some stuff that can be done on an everyday basis to cleanse the house. A little bit of salt in the mopping water everyday is awesome or a few drops of essential oil – Sage, Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense all work wonderfully and a few drops is all you need for the whole house. You may also want to reconsider the chemical-ly cleaners and replace with a pinch of soap and few splashes of savlon in the water. Then there is Smudging, which can be done with Sage or Frankincense – I love Sage but Frankincense is so easy to get at the local kirana store, just ask for dhoop. And I love smoking up the house 🙂 .

Other things that work are signing bowls or chanting (ek onkar or om or om namah shivaya work beautifully, and here is a link for my favourite rendition of ek onkar) or even clapping your hands around the house. Whatever you choose to do today, do it before reading the blessing and do add your own blessings and wishes for you home. Also, touch the walls, floor and things around the house as you walk through.

May the walls of this house be strong and resilient,
May the inside of these walls give me safety and comfort,
May this living room invite many friends and well wishers who bring joy and happiness into this house,
May this dining table always have enough to feed all who eat here,
May this kitchen always be warm and welcoming, especially to those who need the warmth,
May this bedroom give me restful sleep and wake me rejuvenated,
May love thrive in this house, may laughter bounce off the walls and spread outside, may there be fulfilling conversations, may there be privacy and intimacy, may there be growth and learning, may there be helpful friends and mentors, may there be creativity and joy. In all things may this home be blessed.
So be it, So be it, So be it.

Blessed Be.

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