There is some more yin to be explored today, this time with creativity and expression. The first thought that comes to mind is – how many of us actually think we are creative? and what does being creative really mean? Can I be creative even if I’m not doing it deliberately or professionally?

We are all born highly creative – can you imagine a little child saying ‘no, no I can’t draw well’ :D? All kids can draw, paint and colour and they do it with gusto (much to the detriment of our walls and carpets), until a time comes when we start rating them and comparing them and their art to another’s.

The message today is to know that you are as creative as anyone else in the world. Don’t rate and don’t compare – and don’t allow anyone else to either. Whatever your expression, it is the best, most beautiful expression there is, because it is yours. No one else can replicate it even if they try. It is yours – own it.

The creative act opens up channels that allow emotions to emerge in a healthy way. It’s not a conscious process, it just happens – sometimes we become aware of our emotions, sometimes we release stuff without realising it, sometimes we find clarity and sometimes we find pure satisfaction. Whatever the reason, if creativity calls today or any other day, answer that call because that’s the body and soul calling for you to see something, to release something, to feel something.

Although there are so many things to do creatively, I would suggest doodling or colouring with your left hand (or non-dominant hand) today. Don’t plan what you want to draw, just take a blank page and see what comes out. More often than not you will figure out for yourself what emerged. (I would really love to know what you draw! Btw, to write a comment all you need to do is reply to the mail and it posts as a comment). And more often than not you will feel much better than before. This is an awesome exercise to do when you are feeling disturbed or confused and don’t really know how you feel. This helps get in touch with your emotions and also helps us process them in a beautiful way. And really who doesn’t have fun drawing!!

Have fun drawing today ❤


  1. You know what, I’ve loved to draw and scribble since I was a child. But then a day came (and I have very clear memories of that day) when a teacher saw my drawing and remarked with disgust “who has drawn this?? ”

    I don’t think I ever took to drawing/ doodling /scribbling after that.

    I sure will attempt something today though. Thanks!!


  2. Hey Darpan – Have been reading all the posts, somehow need to figure out the word press thing to comment. All of the messages resonate with me. Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. Yesterday I was told to paint the glasses I make candles in and today I see ur message…much validating


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