Queen of Pentacles.

The Queen of Pentacles is a woman who has her feet firmly on the ground. She is nurturing and loving but is also a no-nonsense woman. She knows how to balance home and work and yet have enough me time. She has mastery over the material aspects of life.

She could represent a woman in your life who has all these traits (mom or mentor). If that is the case then pay attention to her and to your relationship with her. What aspects could you pick up from her that could serve you? They may the things that you consider to be notme or things that you wish you could change. Pay attention to them because she has mastery over them and they would serve you well.

The other message from the Queen of Earth is to keep yourself grounded in the now. When there is a lot of chatter in the head or if we are distracted with thoughts we lose our sense of groundedness. This makes mishaps and mistakes happen, because we are literally stumbling through the day. If you catch yourself spending too much time in your head then make sure you feel the connection to the earth and to your body. Simple breathing and connecting to your body or connecting to the earth should work.

When things become hectic we tend to lose this connection and though this would seem like the worst moment for it, take time to catch a breath here and connect with yourself. As your calm your inner world many things in the outer world will slow down as well.

It’s a good day to connect with nature as well, a spot of gardening would not go awry or maybe even cooking yourself a hearty meal. While cooking pay attention to the food, the texture of the leaves and even the flavours in your mouth. All of these will ground and centre you. House chores are actually really grounding, so if the maid hasn’t turned up today, you know what your message is. You don’t need to start cleaning up but just pay attention to your home and hearth.

The day has a nice stable energy to it and it feels like you need to be still rather than moving. Keep your feet firmly on the ground today <3.

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