May 2019

The first thing I want to say about May is that there is no Hanged Man in this reading and boy, am I glad. There is definitely a shift in tide in May – an easing up, an opening, a flow, some movement, both internal and external. There was a sense of this energy shifting the last couple of days and I’m glad to welcome May in this way.

In May, you are invited to enter the garden of delights. It’s a new place, somewhere you haven’t been before and it does promise bloom and flourish. You may wonder then, why would I hesitate if it’s so great in this garden? But we do hesitate, because it is our natural inclination to remain with the familiar. Sometimes we want to linger with the past, with the old, with death, because of how we felt and even though life is calling, we want to stay on, for a while longer with the old, familiar love. Don’t be impatient with yourself for not immediately jumping in to embrace the new. For now, it is okay to just to angle your body towards and maybe take one tiny step in the direction of the garden. 

We sometimes hesitate to receive as well. Sometimes we doubt our own worthiness to step into this garden. We see it from the outside and think it is not for us. We pull back from asking to enter because we are afraid that we may not be for us. The oracle wants you to know that you are worthy of all of the universe’s delights. The universe considers you worthy. You can fearlessly ask the universe to lend you a hand if needed. You already have the keys to the garden and you can walk in anytime because it belongs to you. If there is something in particular that you are struggling with then do ask the divine for help. Big or small, deserved or undeserved, no matter what your struggle, just ask for help. 

With this new wave of energy and expansion that is coming your way, there may be moments where you feel overwhelmed. This is natural because change brings chaos with it and with expansion the skin needs to stretch and grow. Also, if there are more sunrises then there must be more sunsets too. There will be a requirement to maintain some sort of balance as you transition into this new inner and outer world. In the past, certain aspects and personality traits would have served you well but will no longer serve you now. This month the world will be a softer, gentler place and there will be less need for fighting and aggression. This doesn’t mean that you don’t stand your ground or stand up for yourself but that you don’t need to be super aggressive about it. 

Emerging from you may be aspects of the self which have been submerged over time. There is no blame here – other aspects may have served you better earlier but now is the time for re-emergence of others. Allow this process of rediscovery, maybe some new talents awaken for you or a new personality emerges. You may have believed yourself to be a certain way but that is just a view – a partial view at best. There is room for more – for a more whole and balanced you. This new balance means that it’s not one versus the other but a happy mix of both. This message of duality (which is a happy co-existence rather than duality) has come before as well. You are not discarding any of the old but just allowing the new to enter or the different to re-enter. You are at a place where you can see that they are not opposing forces and can live in harmony within you.

One of the biggest challenges this month will be to un-learn, to release yourself from the habit of being you. You’ve spent many years being the person you are today and you have this view of ‘who you are’ and now the cards are saying be someone else – the someone else inside who wants to come forward now. So a lot of this journey will be about unravelling you and seeing and agreeing with what emerges.

The cards suggest a regular clearing of air and energy in and around you this month. Practice smudging and have salt baths, go for a massage and most importantly listen to your bod. Your body follows the drumbeat of the universe and it knows far more than the mind possibly could so listen and listen well. If you feel a resistance in your body then change the direction in which you are headed. 

In relationships, be gentle with yourself and with others. The chaotic energy of change can rub people the wrong way – our energy to them and theirs to us – but it is a temporary situation. Just be compassionate all around during this period.

At work, there may be a sense of nostalgia about the way things used to be but change is inevitable and if hadn’t been this, it would have been that and it still wouldn’t have been the same. It’s the nature of things to change and one way to ease the process is to count the things you have to be grateful for. Maybe keep a gratitude journal only for work? It will help with the transition. 

You may have cash flow issues this month and there may be some juggling with priorities. Don’t be in a rush to make to purchases, stop and think and prioritise before taking action. 

In summary, May will bring shifts in energy within and without. There will be an expansion or an opening up in the outer world in the form of opportunities and growth. There will be an expansion of the self as well, of more inclusion of divergent parts of the self, of new realisations and new ways of being. Help yourself make the process smoother by being gentle with yourself and others and avoid harsh enviournments. 

Blessings for a wonderful May.

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