Perhaps things didn’t work out for you the way you wanted them to, perhaps you feel that you failed at something (do note that failing at something doesn’t make you a failure). Maybe you are feeling unappreciated, maybe you are feeling that you give so much and no one sees it, maybe you’ve just been feeling a little down and out. The oracle comes with the message that there is light at the end of this tunnel and changed times are upon you. The next few days and weeks will see you regain your spirit and there will be a turnaround outwardly as well.

The darkest nights make the stars shine ever so brightly. Through all your troubles and inconveniences remember that you are being polished so you can shine even more brightly. And keep your attention on the bright stars and not on the dark night.

The time to arise, to awaken that inner strength and resolve, has come. This does not have to be dramatic in any way. Just reach in and find it at the core of you. Maybe you’ve tried before and you couldn’t find it, but that was because the time wasn’t right and you needed to rest and recuperate. Try again now and you will find your spark. The turnaround is upon you.

Yet again this feels like the energy of May – I know, I know, I’m running late on the monthly reading. Either today or tomorrow for sure.

Btw, midway through yesterday, I realised it was the crescent moon (finally downloaded a moon calendar!). Don’t you just love the synchronicity.

Have a strength filled day. Muchos love.

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