I was going to skip today as I’m at my art exhibition today. But then surrounded by so much shiva, some words needed to be said.

Shiva is so many things – he is a god but he walked the earth, he is the ultimate masculine yet he is also the ultimate husband, he destroys and he creates, he is thunderous and he is pure love and consciousness, he is all this and more. He is a God god and he is the god of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

He is because he can be all of these things and that is the message for today. To stop typecasting yourself into any way of being. You can be this and that. Wise and foolish. Afraid and brave. A good friend and a bad friend. Introverted and extroverted. Happy and sad. Today yes and tomorrow no. Don’t create moulds for yourself and certainly don’t attempt to fit into any moulds. Be. Be all of it. And change and flow and go this way and that.

Watch out for your sign from Shiva today 👁️


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