Vulnerability has been on my mind for the past few days, ever since I saw the Brené Brown special on Netflix (Thank you R!) and when the nine of wands appeared today, I really felt that this is what the card wanted to say. It takes great courage to be vulnerable, to admit our vulnerability, to others and even to ourselves. We hide behind the I don’t care and I’m alright because the alternate, of showing how much we care and how we hurt, is far too scary. Because if we open up and admit to hurting, it will give ammunition to the other to hurt us even more deeply. And it is a valid fear because we all have done it as well. We’ve all said things designed to hurt when we are hurting. Wouldn’t it be nice though to have around us people that we trust? People who won’t use it against us. Wouldn’t it be liberating, wouldn’t our shoulders just ease up if we weren’t in a defensive position all the time?

In the card, the man is looking battered and bruised but there is still some fight left in him. The staves around him can be interpreted as more fights to be had or can be seen as his boundaries, the fence that is keeping him safe. The same is true about vulnerability, the boundaries make all the difference. Who we choose to be with when we feel vulnerable, who is ready to see this aspect of us, who can support us and uplift us in spite of our vulnerability.

Today’s message is that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It is not a weakness, it takes great courage to show this side of ours to people that we care about. But this test of courage must be taken by us because this is the next step in the evolution of our relationships. You don’t need to show your vulnerable aspect to everyone, in fact, be choosy with whom you want to show your soft underbelly. This is your test of courage with a promise of deeper, richer relationships.

Much love.

Ps: here is Brené Brown on youtube

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