The Journey.

The Journey is an invitation to step outside your comfort zone. An invitation, an offer, a chance or serendipity, whatever it is that makes its way to you today is the beginning of a new cycle of life for you. We are a day short of the change in month and it seems that this is what the energy of May may be about. Something new, something you have not tried before, some route you may not have thought of taking. There are no maps here, maybe no sign boards either, and maybe it is just time to switch off the GPS and trust that you will be led the right way.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and sometimes it’s important to know your destination and sometimes it’s best to just take one step at a time. You may not know where or how this step that you take will be beneficial to you, but rest assured that it will. Don’t think in terms of material gain or a career path (although it could be that as well!) but in terms of the journey of life which could mean chance encounters, a vault-turn in the way you see and perceive things, a new way of life or living.

In more direct terms, there may be a journey or travel that you are not sure about. Take the journey and you will have much to gain. Sometimes the gains are not obvious but a single chance encounter can be life-altering.

Be observant and take the first step today ❤


  1. How apt, travelling after a very long time , have joined a new team as well, plus just hit the big 4 O a day before, I know the next half of my life is gonna be completely different from the first half. Love validations like these, thank you so much


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