Spirit of destruction.

Following from yesterday’s message of inviting in abundance, today’s card asks what needs to be destroyed so that something new can be created? To create abundance what limiting thoughts and beliefs need to be shafted? Destruction is not a bad thing if it is an organic natural movement and it reminds me of nature and plants. How the old leaves must be shed so the new ones can emerge. How some pruning needs to be done to get thicker, richer foliage. The cards are asking you to think about what needs to be pruned for you to step into abundance.

Fear, guilt, shame, obligation, the musts and shoulds are all in the way of attracting and keeping abundance. It could be fear of moving away from those that you love, of not belonging. It could be an erroneous sense of shame or guilt regarding money (we do describe moneyed people as filthy rich or use words like cold hard cash). How many of us feel awkward when it comes to receiving? Even from our parents or older aunties, don’t we feel the need to say no-no to that envelope of money that they so lovingly give us? We may want it but it’s almost a given to say no the first time around. This push and pull is the energy we put out for abundance. These not-so-positive words are what abundance hears from us. Would you want to be around people who feel awkward when you are around?

See what phrases you use to describe riches are rich people. Observe what comes up for you when you think of being abundantly full – does it feel like too much for you? Or still not enough? A little introspection can identify what needs to be put in the fire. Maybe you want to literally do that – put all the limiting thoughts and beliefs on a piece of paper and burn it. With the new moon about a week away, it does seem like a good time to do something like this.

Let go, destroy so that there is no hesitation in welcoming in the spirit of abundance. I’ll try and post a meditation which I had done for the online abundance workshop later today.

Much love and happy destroying.

I’m off to watch End game, first day, first show (almost), so excited! What are your plans for the weekend?!

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