My first card for this week and it’s such a beauty – in art and in message. The Moon Maiden comes with a blessing of abundance. Abundance is of course more than wealth and prosperity, it’s a feeling of being full, of having enough, of feeling limitless. It could be that many possibilities are open in front of you and that is your abundance. It could be that you are suddenly surrounded with family and friends and other well-wishers and that could be abundance. It could be many projects pouring in and you being able to cherry pick the work you want to do. All of these are facets of abundance and this is the energy that is flowing in this week.

Attracting abundance is a function of our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions, and our energy. The Moon Maiden asks that you pay attention to the energy you put out this week. The energy of gratitude, the energy of overflowing love and joy, of abundant hugs and arms wide open, of giving generously and openly is what attracts abundance. Giving can be love and good wishes from the heart, it can be sharing your food, it can be kindness or even sharing knowledge or your talent. Give only if you want to though, not out of a sense of obligation or something that you should be doing (the universe doesn’t count that as giving :)).

To get the feeling of being full and overflowing, try and hang around a garden full of flowers, or maybe just keep some flowers at home or a bowl full of fruit on the table. Nature’s abundance is of the best kind and can’t be mistaken for anything else.

If you’ve not been feeling this way for some time, know that change is already underway. The universe just asks for you to be open to it. And to share it with all those around you.

Have a lovely full day ā¤


  1. FINALLLYYYYYYYYY!!! After loooooong abundance has come šŸ™‚ I remember last month around these dates, we had prosperity card. which also stated not immediately but soon on the way. I already feel so full in my heart seeing the card and the mother :)))))) Thank you God for everything šŸ™‚

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