Identity & Expression

There are many things that give shape to the person we become. Some things we are born with, some things we can attribute to how and where we grew up and where we are now, a lot of what makes up us is the choices we make and then there is this little spark-soul which lies just above our heart and just below the throat. That spot we touch when we say I or me, the place we touch when we make a promise. Our identity is a combination of all these and when there is no pull or push within these, life is good. The trouble arises when we try to fulfill every one of those, except our soul-spark.

As long as we feel that we are not enough – not enough mother or wife or daughter – we keep striving to be a better version of that, which leaves no time to feed our creative identity. The card today wants you to know that you are enough exactly the way you are. There is no better mother-spouse-sister to be and it’s an exercise in futility because if you ignore your soul-spark you will never feel enough.

If you are up to it, place your hand on your thymus and and do this exercise. Start by saying hello to the inner you and taking a few minutes to connect, then ask yourself how do I feel today? What do I feel like doing today? What will give me joy? What activity will soothe this inner fire? In what way can I express who I am?

I’m saying today because it’s easier to start with something small. Also, creative expression is not just one thing, it could be singing today and painting tomorrow and gardening day after. You may want to fix yourself a lovely creative meal today or have time to only prune one pot, whatever it is, do it and if it soothes you, do another tomorrow.

It doesn’t have to be an activity that you need to pursue professionally, it just needs to give you joy and satisfaction. Once you find that thing, try and feed it on a regular basis. Don’t hold back because of time and other commitments. Do this and all will fall into place.

Have a creative day ❤

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