Black Feather.

More Black from the universe, and it was pretty insistent this time. I noticed a black feather a few days back and then another and another and I thought it was a personal message for me. Then yesterday I must have seen about seven in the course of the day. So here it is, the message from Black and from black feather.

A black feather is usually a message from a loved one who has passed on. It’s a hello from them, telling you that they are alright and they remember you and sending love your way. Maybe you’d like to say hello back either vocally or by lighting a candle?

The colour black and the black feather both are a sign of protection. Black belongs to the root chakra which is about safety and protection. Even if things are not going so well for you, the angels (especially your guardian angels) want you to know that they are watching over you and keeping you safe at this time. Feathers are usually a sign from the angelic realm as they are said to have large feathery wings but some of the goddesses also use the feather as their calling card. Lakshmi for example says hello with a white feather and I’m thinking that this is also Kali – as it is a sign of loving protection. Know that you are never walking alone, there are just so many people who are walking with you – the angels and gods and your loved ones how have passed. Feel them and you will not ever feel alone.

The colour black is also associated with our shadow self. Just like we are half yin and half yang even though we can be male or female, we all also have a light and dark side and just like both yin and yang is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves so is the shadow and light self. Going by yesterday’s message, manifestation is possible when these two seemingly opposite forces come together. This message is to embrace your shadow self, embrace all that you feel is negative in you, the things you berate yourself for, the things you reject about yourself, embrace all of it so that you are whole and complete. White feathers are no more significant than black, black ones are no less magical than white. The two goddesses are but two different aspects of the divine feminine and one is not better than or more/less powerful than the other.

As feathers fall from above, they are also a sign to turn your attention skywards and think about what you are doing to reach for the sky. Don’t forget your dreams in the normal hun-drum of life. Keep your dreams lofty and don’t settle for less.

Much love to your shadow side today ❤

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