The magician.

When the Magician appears in a reading you know that it’s time to tap into your full potential and make things happen. This could mean a project that you have just started or are about to start. This is the right one for you and even though you may not see the full picture and all the nitty-gritties of it, as long as you have a goal in mind you should jump in with no holds barred.

The magician is the ultimate manifestor and he knows that he is the creator of his universe. He knows that the universe responds to him and the energy he puts out. He knows that his outer world is just a reflection of his inner world and he knows that he needs to work on his inner world to makes changes to the outer. He knows that knowing what you want in life is the first step to getting it. He has the will and the resources to get what he wants and the power of the elements and of the earth and sky. And he wants you to know that you have it too. You have what it takes to get this done and you can do it.

There are many things that are not in our control, things that just happen not of our doing, things that are not our fault. We cannot do anything about the hand that we are dealt but we do have a choice – we can lament our fate or choose to make something out of what resources we have. That is the message from the Magician. You have all you need to make your desire come true. You don’t need anything more. Don’t look for more, for conditions to be right, for something to change. You don’t need more knowledge or more practice or more money – you just need to do it. This is the right time and the resources you have are just right.

Also, remember to set your goals just right – they don’t need to be too spiritual and they certainly need not be too material (somewhere between earth and sky, closer to the heart, is where we want to be). Making money is not really a goal even if you put a number to it but having a life of comfort and ease can be one. Focus on that goal and not on the means to get there.

Have a super manifestation week ❤

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