Black cat.

First Black diamond then Black cat – I’m wondering what this blackness is about? One thing is for sure that Kali is riding this energy for me. It’s been a while for me, experiencing Kali in this way, and considering she is my favourite goddess, I am just so happy she’s making her presence felt. Any thoughts on the blackness from your side?

It may be that you are bored or lonely, feeling flat or empty, maybe you are even indulging in a pity party. This feeling has been around for a while now and it is time for you to turn your eyes to it because ignoring it is not going to make it go away. Harsh words may have been spoken, a friendship may have broken, some hurts may be lingering and you may be feeling rather sorry for yourself. Take time to understand how this feeling came about and also understand that it couldn’t have happened without some contribution from your side.

This is not about assigning blame but about seeing clearly the part you have played. When we acknowledge our part in any situation we give it a chance to heal and to renew a relationship. When we acknowledge our part in it we know which relationships to walk away from and which ones to make amends with. This is not just about seeing what happened but digging deeper to recognise what triggered it? What is that feeling that makes me switch off? What is that pattern that keeps repeating for me? And what is my contribution to it?

The black cat comes with the message of atonement, of rebalancing your energies and of reclaiming lost magic. Magic thrives in love and joy, in openness and balance. Don’t shut yourself down because of a bad experience. Don’t isolate yourself because you are mad at one person. Don’t hesitate to enter into a new relationship because you have been hurt before.

If you see a cat today, know that the universe is sending you some magic ‚̧

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