5 of Swords.

The 5 of swords isn’t the most pleasant card in the deck – it reminds me of a joust or battle between friends which has gone quite wrong. If you are annoyed with a friend or co-worker and there is potential for harsh words, just keep in mind that some battles you lose, even when you win. You may be right but is it really worth losing a friendship? Isn’t it better to work with a group than doing your lone ranger thing?

Dig deeper into the situation before any flare up happens. Figure out what is threatening your sense of self? Why do you feel the need to establish your independence? You may win by proving you are in charge, that you are better than the others, that you are special but think about what price you need to pay for that independence. Is it worth the alienation from your friends?

We all long to be seen and it maybe worthwhile questioning yourself about ‘whom’ you want to be seen by? (hint : mom or dad?) We often get clouded by our perception that we are not seen or heard. It may seem that way and it does become our narrative – I’m never seen or my ideas are dismissed – but this is a perception not the reality.

We also want to be recognised as special, in some way different-better than others. Truth is that we are all special and in our desire to be more special than the others we end up isolating ourselves. Asserting your individuality is awesome but there will be a time and place for it – now is not that time because the price that you will end up paying will be too steep.

It is entirely up to you – decide if you want to be right and feel justified in your actions or to let go the ego and be part of your tribe. You may win this round but end up isolating yourself in the future.

Keep in mind the reading for April – it is all about the changes in the experience of love and this could well be one aspect of it.

Have a co-operative day ❤

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