Infinite self.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and hope you spent some time in your inner castle. Today’s card is all about operating from that inner castle – the inner castle which keeps you safe and protected, which is a place full of abundant energy, a place of rest and healing, a place for creativity, and a place from which emerge endless possibilities.

Think of this place as your safety net and source of endless energy. A place which is limitless in its possibility. And now make your plans or put your plans into action. If you find yourself dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, come back to this place and remember that the past is over and done with and the future, you can write right now.

The message from the oracle is that you can do it. You have much more than you think you have. You have the resources the universe is providing you. You have the resources all your ancestors have passed on to you. And you have infinite resources within yourself. There is not much that is impossible or improbable for you. You just need to see it and believe it.

Tap into these resources before you step out to the day ❤

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