Making friends.

One of the lovely traits of Geminis is having the ability to communicate easily and effectively. This makes them really good to have around socially. The card today urges you to come out of your shell and meet people – can be your regular friends but this card means go meet new people and maybe make new friends. Go to a social gathering you’ve been avoiding and you will be pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.

One thing to remember is to make it a point to listen. A lot of times socially we only listen to come up with our own answer, our own point of view. This week, just listen for the sake of listening. Listen to understand what the other is trying to communicate and to enjoy their point of view. Maybe you will hear some information that is relevant to you, maybe it will give you an insight to the other person, maybe you will be able to link two people together so they can collaborate. Whatever the outcome, listening will be important, this week.

Have a lovely social week ❤

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