April 2019 ~ Newness & Balance

I saw the cards for April and had a deja vu moment. It seems like April is going to continue the March messaging. How was March for you? Were there changes in your heart? Was there a shift in how you feel love, how you experience love? There was definitely some talk about forgiveness – how was that for you?

If March was about looking at and perceiving love in a new way then April will be about settling into the new feeling, of not rejecting the old but allowing the old and the new to co-exist. April will be all about balance – in love, at work, with movement and with stillness, with giving and with receiving. In the past few months, you may have felt a sense of lopsidedness – maybe you have been giving too much or maybe you have been leaning too much, there may have been too much waiting and not enough movement. Usually, after a period of waiting there is a rush to do and maybe to overdo but the April energy encourages you to not rush into overdoing. This month has a perfectly balanced yin and yang energy and you will find within yourself the balance that has been missing without you having named it as such. Anytime you feel off-centre take time to breathe. A great breathing exercise at this time is when your intake breath is the same length and consistency as your out breath.

There is some newness in this month as well. At work, there may be a new project that comes up or you may find yourself suddenly interested in a new craft or hobby, or there may be a new relationship which is brewing for you (relationship could mean friendship, not necessarily a romantic one). Like a seed which is planted, you need to give attention and nurturance to the seed. The growth of a seed to sapling to a healthy plant is a slow and gradual process. You need to water and add nutrients and even protect it for quite a while before the plant starts flowering or giving fruit. This is true of the something new that is beginning in your life now. If it’s a new project it requires the hard work and nurturance now for it to bear fruit later. The new thing in your life is a long term project so have your goals set and measure its success only from a long term perspective. The giving, as the card suggests is the investment that you are putting in and there will be a lag between when the time of investment and the time of rewards from the investment. If you are creating something new put your energies into the project but don’t look for rewards in the immediate future. The same goes for a new relationship (it could also be newness in an old relationship, btw), both parties give more in the initial stages of a relationship. Giving more in April means investing more, be it a project or relationship.

Newness and change are always accompanied by some fears. There is excitement with change and there is also trepidation. Both co-exist and we need both for balance. The challenge this month will be acknowledging the fear because unless we acknowledge something there is no chance of conquering it. Sometimes our fear with change, even when we so badly want it, is that it will not last, that it will be taken away from us. The best thing to do with this feeling is to bring yourself to the present and enjoy what is today. The Reiki prayer starts with the line – Just for today, I will not worry. It’s a fabulous principle to live by. What do you choose to do Just for today?

Sometimes the fear is just uncertainty about the future – especially if there is an investment that is being made. The danger here is the focus on obstacles in the journey. The Journey is meant to be enjoyed not endured. The journey is meant to teach, not punish. Your attitude at the start of the journey will determine the course. You can carry the fear like a little child who is scared to take the first step and treat it with kindness – just don’t allow the child to be in the driver’s seat :).

The Hanged Man makes an appearance in the reading (yet again!), however, in this case, I would see it like a transition message rather than a pause message. This is the time that you are transitioning and it can be difficult to change in front of other people. Even the caterpillar finds a tucked away spot to cocoon. The thing is that you cannot stay in the cocoon and butterfly you will become one way or the other. Remember this when you feel the urge to stay in your snug cocoon.

The first week of April will be a blissful week with family and friends taking centre stage. There may have been some turmoil with too many thoughts buzzing in your head or too much emotion that you couldn’t name in the last week or so. All that will settle down this week. Make plans to meet up with friends or hang out with your family this week, you need the love and cheer they offer you.
The second week of April is when something new will be introduced in your present mix. This is the newness and change which will carry on to the rest of the month.

In the third week, you will feel inspired and energetic and be so ready to take action and the universe will support you in your endeavours. Things will fall into place at the right time and tasks will get completed in record time. Overall it will be an action-oriented week with a lot of flow – make sure you use the energy for the priority projects.
The last week will see you in perfect alignment with what you have set out to do. If it’s a project or a creative hobby, you will be perfectly pleased with the output you have generated.

To sum up, there is a new project or idea or relationship that will require investment of time, effort or even finances. Go into it full-heartedly and you will be really happy with the outcome. The rewards of this investment will bear fruit in the future and not immediately but that should not hold you back from being happy about a job well done. Keep the balance in relationships and in work life. Work, play, rest, give, receive, stop, move – recognise that they are not opposing forces but complementary ones.


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