Bamboo Moon.

It is a number 12 year and many things will be on hiatus this year. Train chalege par ruk ruk ke chalege :). It’s no surprise that this message keeps popping up every now and then (seems like I just wrote this same message recently) as a reminder to not get too hassled when there is a pause in the middle of something that was going so smoothly. And even though the retrograde ended yesterday, some effects do linger for a few days.

There is nothing you (or anyone else) could have done differently. This pause is meant to be and we are all inwaiting for divine timing. Don’t expend any energy on blame or guilt or even in trying to get things moving. It will move when it’s meant to and not before that so, relax and open yourself up to the ebb and flow of the universe.

Even if there is a no from the other side, don’t be hasty in taking action. From the universe, this no means not yet. Just wait it out for a few days, you never know how circumstances change between one day and the next.

Pause today ❀


  1. Even this message has been repeated many times in your readings – There is nothing you (or anyone else) could have done differently.

    For me, it hints towards be forgiving time and again towards self and ‘the other’ one. πŸ™‚


  2. also, just for today I choose to pause. from praying to heal, from hoping to feel good, from feeling disturbed, from being patient, from breathing in and out a learning – EVERYTHING. Just for today I choose to BE, just BE.


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