The anjali mudra, with the hands in prayer position touching the heart chakra, is the mudra that grounds and centres us and it we usually begin and end our yoga practice with it. It is also the Namaste, the gesture of greeting, which loosely translates to ‘the light in me honours the light in you’.

Today’s message is about balance and harmony, about making space for all that is around us and all that is within us. There is beauty and love and grace around us and then there is a lot of harshness and cruelty as well. Sometimes we want to turn a blind eye to the harshness, sometimes it is too much to take. This goes with people as well – there are people we like and people we dislike but both exist in our sphere and this mudra is a reminder to include both, to not reject or exclude the not-so-pretty things, but rather to give them their right place in our lives.

The same goes for our inner world because if there is an exclusion outside then there is definitely some parts of ourselves that we are rejecting. If you feel like it, you can do an exercise with this mudra. Sit with this mudra and breathe in all of you. Let the breath be gentle and loving and slow and deep not forceful at all. Just breathe in all parts of you, all aspects of you. You can state it in your mind or as in intent in the beginning – I breathe in all of me, with every breath I integrate all parts of me, within me all of me resides in harmony…and so on.


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