It’s been a while since the last prosperity message and I’m quite happy to receive these tidings. This is not so much of prosperity now but prosperity soon, as new moon means new beginnings. So it’s the beginning of the road to prosperity.

Which means that it is the perfect time to examine your relationship with money (and prosperity and abundance). How you respond to money? How money responds to you? Is there a push and pull in this relationship? Who has the upper hand or are both parties in balance? Is money making you happy or is it a reason for stress?

It is also a good time to set your personal goals and aspirations, not just prosperity goals but the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. You will get all that you desire but you must believe in yourself, believe that you are worthy of all the things that you want. If needed, do an exercise that makes you value yourself, even a simple affirmation will work.

It seems to be a good day to start a gratitude journal or do a money workshop. In physical terms, put some money in a recurring deposit or an fd.

We often feel that it is somehow wrong to focus on money, that we should have some higher persuits but the truth is that we live in a physical world and money does make life much more comfortable for our physical selves. Which in turn leaves us more time and space for creative and spiritual persuits. Everything has a place and by excluding money we create a void. You don’t have to chase it, you just need to acknowledge it and make place for it in your life.

New moon in Taurus says that you will soon have what you desire. That thing that was out of reach will suddenly become affordable. Take time (and money) to have the creature comforts you want. And be grateful for what you already have.

Have a super awesome day ❤


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