The Falcon.

I love this image of the Falcon soaring up in the sky. It feels like the sun is aiding its flight and if you look closely there is an eye of horus within the sun. The imagery and symbolism in this card is just so powerful and uplifting that I’m feeling the surge, even as I write this post.

The message today is of soaring to great heights with what you feel passionate about. Both the Falcon and the Eye of Horus convey that you are safe and protected so don’t be afraid to take that leap into flight.

The Falcon asks you to stay true to your passion and to take action to make it happen. If you’ve been feeling dejected or at a loss about which direction to take, then try and look at it from a different perspective. Or you could try shaking things up and let go the reins of control to see what emerges. There is great creativity that can emerge in chaos. Try throwing all the pieces in the air and then see what emerges when they land. A big part of following your passion is to become aware of your relationship with chaos and maybe look at it with different eyes. And to not be afraid because the Falcon has your back and is helping you navigate this path.

If you have a project on the anvil then be assured that it is going to work out for you. Channel your energy into getting the various parts into place rather than in doubt or nervousness because success will be yours.

Have an awesome day ❤

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