Message from the cow.

The cow is so revered in our culture because of its ability to give so abundantly. If you are ever starting a farm, it all starts with one cow and an entire eco-system can be generated with the help of only one cow. The cow comes to you with the message of receiving. It is a message that comes often and comes repeatedly from the universe. This is because we need a reminder ever so often, to open ourselves up, to receive fully and abundantly.

We call the cow, our mother and receiving abundantly is related to how we receive our mother or receive from our mother. Sometimes as we grow older we start taking care of our mothers instead of letting her take care of us. Sometimes it is age or disease that makes this shift happen and sometimes it’s an erroneous belief that they need us to take care of them. If as a child, you had to take care of a parent for some time, it spills over to you as an adult – not just with your parent but you start looking after your friends, spouse or even co-workers. If there is looking after to be done – please do so. But do think about how you feel in relation to your mom. Do you feel bigger than her? same size as her? or smaller? You can do the physical taking care but if you are feeling bigger than her or she is feeling smaller than you, then my friend, we have a problem. How can you ever feel full if the vessel you are taking nourishment from is smaller than you?

Earlier when my mom came to visit, I would run ragged trying to take care of her. And I still do drive her around and try and make her comfortable but the taking care happens from her to me and we are both richer in our relationship because of that. The mother relates to a child as being smaller than her but when the child becomes bigger, something in the relationship is lost, and both flounder to find their footing.

Be the child, take – demand – ask, like a child and when your child demands, give there. Don’t try to give back to your parents – how could you ever possibly give back the gift of life to them?! Because that’s what you have received.

Don’t feel embarrassed that you are small in the eyes of your parent or in the eyes of the mother-universe. That is exactly how it should be.

Are you ready to receive today?!

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