It may be that you are at a crossroad in your journey and you are not sure about how you feel about which way to go. Everyone around you might have an opinion and you maybe spending a lot of time in your head, going this way and that, trying to make the right decision.

Even though you know that only you can make the decision, there is the temptation to ask for just one more opinion (or if you’re like me – pull out one more card :D). I don’t believe I’m saying this but the cards are not going to help you at all. Even if you get a clear answer from the cards, the mind will try to pull you in different directions.

Today’s message is to simply make a decision. Sometimes we just have to accept that any path is a path forward, and if it is not the right one, you can always change it later. Trust that even if you go slightly off-track, life will shift and nudge us back on the right track. We put a lot of our time and energy in making the right choice, truth is that there are no perfect choices to be made. Only in hindsight can we know if the choice was the right one so whatever your decision is the right choice.

One way to access your feelings is to sit comfortably and visualise yourself at a path that diverges ahead of you. You can name the two paths if you choose. Visualise yourself walking one path till your destination, observe how the path is, what colours you see, how your body feels and so on. When you are done, do the same with the second path. You should have an answer by the end of the exercise.

Make a choice today >3

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