Earth goddess.

The Earth Goddess comes with the message of manifestation this week. Manifestation starts with a Wish. What you wish for creates a ripple in the universe and the universe conspires to make it happen by presenting opportunities in your path.

I read this lovely take on wishes some time back – when you wish for something it paints a bullseye for you, so that you can release your arrow and hit it. Without the bullseye your arrows could be flying off everywhere. But also, you need to release the arrow. It does start with a clear intent but has to be followed up with action on your part.

Manifestation happens when the wish and action are in complete alignment.

Have a clear idea about what you wish for (stating the wish out loud always helps or writing it down) and let the universe help you with what needs to be done to make it happen. And don’t give up on your wishes just because they take some time to manifest.

The retrograde means that it’s not a good time for action. The flipside is that it is the perfect time to think about what you want.

So, what do you wish for? Tell it to the Earth and Sky today.

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