Full Moon in Leo.

If you are stuck in a deadlock with someone or about something, ask yourself if it is pride or ego that is getting in the way of an acceptable solution and making you dig in your heels more than normal?

The cards ask you to work towards resolving this dilemma, to keep your focus on what is good for you and what is good for all involved. To not let pride get in the way of your heart. You may say that “I’m doing what was done to me”, switch that around to “I’m gonna do what I want done to me”. Release pride, release ego-based thinking and judge by your heart.

Many times we operate from the ego to hurt the other person (because we have been hurt as well), but the wound goes both ways and we end up hurting ourselves yet again. Think about yourself and do everything you can to prevent hurting yourself.

Leo, the lion, is a magnificent being but sometimes when the heart is hurt, the lion flips from being magnificent to prideful. Sometimes when the lion starts thinking about what others are thinking (the nebulous “they“), he loses focus on what’s important.

Have a lovely day ❤


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