Message from the Scorpion.

For such a small animal, we sure give the Scorpion a great deal of berth. This is because the scorpion knows how to protect itself and it’s territory. It doesn’t attack first, just defends itself and it’s own. The scorpion comes with this potent message for you to protect yourself and what is yours, even if it means stinging a few people along the way.

This also relates to the release post earlier this week. Scorpion symbolism says it is time to rid yourself of toxic people and toxic situations in your life – this includes old and unnecessary baggage (just think of the stink of old garbage and you will be ready to put away old baggage). And it means that you need to have some boundaries in place. Think about what you are allowing into your space and into your energy.

It can be physical time or physical space, which can be a big drain on your energy and also on productivity – you could be doing something more with that time and space. It could also be emotional which can be especially draining. We all have that drama queen/king friend in our lives and it’s good to lend a listening ear and help out a friend but it is also good to have boundaries.

Sometimes it’s best for all involved if you take a step back. Let go the need to be the nice guy and if you can’t help but feel bad for someone – start with yourself first.

This also means getting rid of objects that are taking space and/or cluttering up your home (connecting this to yesterday’s message as well). If you have a garden at home, that’s another sign about what’s going on with you. Parasites in your garden will mean that you are allowing people to prey on you. Entangled plants tell you that there is too much outside influence and interference in your world.

An additional message from the Scorpion is of rebirth. The Scorpion spirit guide wants you to know that she is with you during this process of rebirth (when you shed the old and the toxic and emerge anew). You may feel alone and even as that is part of the process, the scorpion is with you. If you still need a boost, call upon the scorpion for help.

Have an awesome weekend ❤

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