The message from the cards is to look around your home and see what needs to be seen. This will give you an inkling to what wants to be seen in your life. If your house is looking or feeling too cluttered, figure out where you are failing to draw boundaries for yourself. If it’s feeling empty, address the lonely feeling inside you. Lonely not to be confused with aloneness. You can be surrounded by people but if you feel like an odd wheel, that is being lonely. With either boundaries and loneliness, it doesn’t mean that you have no boundaries or that you are always lonely, it just means that there are some aspects of either that need to be seen. Many times, just acknowledging what is, makes it ease up.

Your home is where you feel most secure, most safe so if there is something that is touching upon those feelings, have a look around. Does the window latch need fixing or something else? Alternately, if the window needs fixing, try and figure out who in your external world is making you feel unsafe?

See your home from outside and the inside, front and back, top and below. If you feel like changing the front or notice something amiss, then you need to examine the face you are projecting to the outer world. If you are not happy with that, start by rearranging the facade of your house and the other will be easier for you. If you have a top floor and bottom floor then the top represents your spiritual aspect and the bottom is what lies beneath ie. your emotional aspect. A disorganised lower floor could mean that your feelings are in a jumble. Upper floor would be an indication to spend a little time in meditation or try some breathing exercises.

This is getting to be a long post and it is mostly about you figuring it out for yourself – looking around the house and seeing the external to figure out the internal. The bedroom will be about relationships, the bath will be about releasing or elimination, the living room about a social aspect and the study about work. The kitchen and dining is about nourishment and really is one of the most important areas of our homes. You should feel welcome in your own kitchen – it’s a sign of good self nurturing.

The macro aspect of the house is about security and boundaries, look at that first and then go inside. Also, if you are like me, you may start noticing small things in all rooms, don’t go there. This is not about a complete overhaul but about noticing some connections in your inner and outer world. See it and ruminate on it for awhile and the solution will present itself. It’s a soft, gentle process and remember to be kind to yourself, that’s the best way to feel safe.

Have a lovely day ❤


  1. On a mariekonding trip with the whole house, makes so much sense, thanks, I really look forward to your readings everyday


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