Beauty Way.

Today’s message is to see and create beauty in the path that you walk. Take time to smell the roses, see the beautiful blue sky, look at the stars and feel inspired by the splendor of the universe. When you look for it, you will see it everywhere.

Just for today, don’t look to fix anything. Just for today ask your eyes to see that everything is perfect as it is, and that includes you! See the perfection in the imperfection. 

Walk into the room as if you are carrying an abundance of love and joy with you. You have the power to create a beauty way for yourself and all around you. 

An additional message is to not get swayed by artifice. All that glitters is not gold so look for simple abundance, not gilt. 

I love that this is the message that follows on the heels of the March reading.

Have a beautiful day ❤


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