March 2019

March energies seem to be a lot about the heart, of love and relationships, of opening up the heart to self and to others, of inclusion, of being separate yet connected.

I’ve just come back from the incredible inner child healing workshop and a lot of what I saw there, I am seeing in the cards. (Btw, if anyone is interested, the next one is in Bangalore from 14-17th March, go for it, if you can. Here is the link)

March is about the journey home, to visit the past, not to relive it but to put the painful parts to rest and keep the wonderful parts as resources to live in the now. Sometimes when we make the journey to healing the traumatic aspects of our past, we get stuck there, reliving the same experience in the present. The past is to teach us and to help us grow, to provide the skills and knowledge and experience for the life we have now. We tend to carry the past as baggage and that can be really staggering.

This is the time to come into our own power – for ourselves and in relationships. When we enter into a partnership complete and resplendent in our own power, the relationship itself can catapult us to great heights. When we come into it with lack we can barely support ourselves let alone the other. The spectacular us can only come about when two awesome me’s are together.

The Princess of Wands is the ‘me’ card – there is something within you, a triggering or a restlessness, which is asking to take the next step, make a new discovery, explore more than where you are currently. It could be a personal journey or a new idea that you want to implement. Don’t second guess yourself and certainly don’t listen to the discouragement of others, just embark on this journey that your heart wants and you will be richer for the experience. This step is the one that will make the ‘us’ better.

The two of cups is the ‘us‘ card which signals a commitment in a relationship and it can be about love or a work-related partnership with someone you like and respect. The six of cups is the ‘going home‘ card. And underlying all of these is the blessing for forgiveness.

Through the Inner Child Healing workshop, Annie (the facilitator), kept reminding us that the name of the workshop also had ‘and living in the power of now‘ and it took me a while to understand the significance of that. We go home to soak in the warmth and nurturance of our mothers, to feel the support and strength of our fathers and we take that and live our lives. Sometimes life becomes tough and we go home for a while to feel that strength and nurturance and to become whole again and we go out and live our lives again. And sometimes we visit home and that brings up some difficult memories and situations for us and we bring those back into our current lives. And there are times we don’t visit home at all yet carry the pain and hurt with us in the now. The living in the power of now is about taking what is good for us and is ours and leaving what doesn’t back where it belongs. The underlying forgiveness card is about that. For the awesome us to happen, for us to be whole and complete to join in the awesome us, we need to go back to past, put the painful memories to rest and take the support and love of our lineage and move on in the present.

All of us have experienced hurt and pain, it is a part of growing up and it is a part of life, but it need not be bigger than what it is. Just like adults appear as giants to a child, even small incidents can appear big to the child you were. We often chastise ourselves for making mountains of molehills but to the child who experienced it, it was a mountain. It’s only our adult self who thinks it as trivial. Be kind to yourself and to the child and it will be easier for the adult as well.

True forgiveness is about forgiving ourselves. Often when we carry a grudge towards the other, it is ourselves that we need to forgive. The other is difficult to forgive because our anger is at ourselves – for trusting that person, for allowing ourselves to be cheated, for being so naive and so on. On the other hand, forgiving too easily is the other side of the same coin. This time we blame ourselves for the incident – I should/shouldn’t have done this or that, it’s my fault for trusting you and so on. I am not saying whether or not to forgive the other because that is unimportant here. But I am asking you to forgive yourself. Without it, we bring our past into the present and that can affect the path our current relationships take. Forgive yourself for being in those situations, forgive yourself for the pain and the hurt you have experienced, forgive yourself for not being there for your child-self. It will help you leave the past where it belongs and come into current and new relationships, shiny and whole.

The Devil is the challenges that lie ahead for March and The Emperor represents the resources we have to counter the challenges. The Devil, in tarot, is temptation, overindulgence, and bondage. You may find yourself needing to fight off temptation and the desire to indulge this month. Our ego keeps us in bondage of many forms – when we think about what people will say instead of listening to our heart or that the show can’t go on without us. People will say what they say and if you are not there to help or support someone, it creates space for them to attract other people or it can make them self sufficient. Don’t let the ego dictate the needs of the heart.

Lean on the energies of The Emperor to help you stay away from temptation and bondage. (This applies to love games as well – go ahead in a safe and sacred space but if you feel unsafe, back off. You have the right to say no at any point). The Emperor says you have the support of the universe and your ancestors to keep you strong and resilient. If you need a boost, lean against a tree and take in the strength and support from the tree or lie down and take in the strength from the earth.

These two cards depict the inner and outer world. You may experience a conflict or dispute and even though you may win the argument, you may end up losing the friend. Ask yourself which is preferable to you. In the words of the sages, it is better to be kind than to be right. The temptation is to prove our point, to justify ourselves and our actions, but when we operate from a place of strength, compassion is easier to come by. Our past also determines the way we perceive people – sometimes we mistake an olive branch for a beating stick. Ask yourself if you have a tendency to be defensive? We are defensive only if we expect an attack.

The Queen of hearts is an emotionally balanced person and she asks that you operate from that deep inner strength you have, to walk the path of peace and compassion, to find a new way of thinking and being about conflict. If you know that the dispute is coming, move out of the defensive position, open your heart and listen to the other person’s point of view and you will find yourself richer by a friend or two.

To summarise, March is about using your head to lead with the heart. The Queen of hearts is close to the Empress which is the number 3 card in Tarot and we enter the 3rd month of the year, the soft yin energy will be heightened. The heart chakra is about love, and about kindness, compassion and forgiveness. Close one aspect of the heart and it affects the whole heart. Anytime you feel any sort of shut down, draw strength from people or nature and keep it open and soft. 

Hope you have a loved filled March ❤

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