Princess of Swords.

The Princess of Swords is a packet of energy, bright and alert, she runs about with the enthusiasm of a child and talks non-stop like one. She seems to thrive on almost a kind of nervous energy, as if there was too much inside her to say, the wheels in her head always turning.

The Princess maybe someone you know who will bring some news to you or it could be that this energy will serve you today. You may hear some gossip or news which you may want to share ahead, be wary though because it will be better for you to not spread it, for it may come back to bite you in the arse :D. Same applies if you are the gossiper :). We all enjoy a spot of gossip now and then and I don’t intend to overlay any shame in this message. The warning is for the gossip you hear today (or the following days) – if repeated, it will lead to ruin.

The alternate message is for you to keep your eyes and ears open, to be alert and vigilant. You may hear something that will be useful at a later time. Don’t try to cash in on the information today – it will be more useful later. It may happen that someone else gets the credit you feel was due to you. In that case, let it go. In fact, don’t try to take credit if it is not being offered. Just let it be for now.

The last message from the Princess is to not compromise on your integrity. It is difficult to stand our ground when in front of powerful people (or people in power) but it is important to do so because we have to live with seeing the woman in the mirror every day hence. You just can’t go wrong with honesty and integrity. The watch-out here is to not feel righteous but to quietly put your head down, and do your thing without making too much about it (not even to yourself). Be kind even as you take the high ground.

Have a quiet day ❤


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