Tree of life.

The tree of life represents our connection to the Earth and to the Sky, to the Material and the Spiritual. It represents our passage in this life, of not having one or the other but needing both material and spiritual. The best kind of life is a balance of being and doing.

If you find yourself too much in the head, thinking and planning or dreaming and fantasizing, take time to come back to earth. Do some grounding exercises and connect with your roots. It’s time to implement some plans rather than have one idea after the next. Fruition is important for any kind of movement ahead. Let one or two of your plans bear fruit before you get thinking on your next big idea.

On the other hand, if you are feeling stuck and there seems to be no movement in the horizon, ask yourself when was the last time you visualised the things that you want or the life that you wanted. Having dreams and desires, even fantastical ones, opens us up to inspiration and creativity.

Whichever side you are in, try and add the other to bring about balance and therefore movement. Being a conscious creator means having both, doing both.

May your roots go deep and your branches high today.

Much love.

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